How A Businessman Resurrected The Family’s Screen Printing Tradition Into A Commercial Business

Carlos Rubi is a lifelong small-scale business owner. His family began the commercial screen printing industry in Honduras around 20 years ago. In the year 2018, the Rubi family made a move toward America. United States – launching the company owned by the family under a new name: Multi Print USA. From the beginning, they aim to turn ideas from customers into profitable marketing tools, affecting small businesses by providing high-quality designs, such as business cards, promotional products, and coroplast signs.

With a base with his headquarters in Houston, Rubi credits the city’s multicultural diversity and the business support for minority-owned small companies as the reason for settling and opening a business there. Do you also need a loan to open your business? Greendayonline offers quick $500 loans and many other loans with different amounts, so choose one of them and apply as soon as possible.

“Since the beginning, Houston has been such an open and welcoming community for minority small-business entrepreneurs,” Rubi said. “We have a lot of satisfaction in the fact that we can help others who are aspiring entrepreneurs. We’re inspired with the experiences we’ve heard from small- and local business owners who’ve been affected by our work with Multi Print USA.”

But, as with other small companies, Multi Print USA experienced declines in sales between 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

The company was relying heavily on in-person sales when it first began; however, the widespread closings and shutdowns caused it to not carry on the business without having an online presence. Rubi took this as an occasion to decide to invest massively in e-commerce. This allowed him to create a nationwide customer base and accelerate his company’s expansion. This led to Multi Print USA successfully launching its website, e-commerce platform, and optimized web presence in May 2020 as an alternative to serve customers from all over the U.S.

THE WAY TO BECOMING A better business owner

Rubi had the pleasure of meeting Robert Hines, a Chase senior business consultant, at an online conference organized by the Houston Area Urban League. He was awed at the level of Hines and his work as a mentor for business, which is why Rubi sought out information about how Hines could benefit his company, particularly in the flow of cash and management of organizations.

With the new Chase program, Hines had a positive impact by aiding Rubi to discover his strengths – the speed of turnaround and satisfaction with customers and that it’s essential to make the right decisions to ensure the longevity of the business. In their relationship, Hines has already introduced Rubi to tools for managing cash flow and software devices and an accounting firm that will assist in the development of Multi Print America’s financial infrastructure in preparation for scaling.

As part of JPMorgan Chase’s $30 billion equity commitment to racial diversity, JPMorgan Chase’s new program will help promote the sustainable growth of entrepreneurs located in historically underserved neighborhoods. Through this program, small-scale business owners from 13 different cities in the U.S., including Houston, are connected to a Chase expert in business who can provide support services like mentoring, business development coaching, and financial planning resources. This program is open to all Chase customers as well as non-customers.

“One of the most important items I learned through Robert Hines was that great companies need leaders who are great,” Rubi said. “I have come to accept being more vulnerable in my business and to realize that I cannot manage everything on my own. It is essential to have strong partners. Chase has been one of them for us. This has meant that we’ve been able to turn our small-scale business in Texas into a brand that is recognized across the nation.”

Hines was attracted to Rubi and Multi Print USA due to its distinctiveness as a family-owned enterprise. He believes that businesses run by generations are vital for minority communities since they can create jobs and wealth generationally.

“We have a population in Houston along with across the nation that isn’t just underbanked but also unserved,” Hines said. “Multi Print America is an excellent example of what a legacy could look like if the right investments are made early. This is the kind of community we’re hoping to create.”