“You can click on the pictures on the mobile phone, but for photography we still need professional cameras”: C Sukumaran from Canon


From COVID-induced disruption to the challenges imposed by improved smartphone cameras; What is the way forward for Canon cameras in India

Globally, camera marketers had a horrible year 2020. Market leader Canon sold 55.1% of the number of units sold in 2019. And the overall market was just 59. 6% of that of the previous year (2019). The disruption caused by COVID continues in India and around the world.

With around 50 percent market share in the digital SLR camera category and 45 percent in the overall DILC (Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera) market, Canon is the largest player in India. Due to COVID, weddings and the holiday season have become a low key affair. Travel has been banned for most of 2020 and at least half of 2021. It has had a huge impact on camera sales, but Canon is optimistic about the future.

“We are cautious, but encouraged,” says C Sukumaran, director of consumer system products and imaging communications activities, Canon India. On World Photography Day (August 19), Canon launched the “Behind the Shot” campaign to salute “the spirit of photography”.

It’s not just COVID that camera marketers around the world are fighting against. Innovations in cell phones have made their cameras (smartphones) better than ever. But there is a difference between clicking on a picture with the cell phone and taking a picture, explains Sukumaran. The campaign highlights the effort required to click on a good image.

In an interview with afaqs !, Sukumaran decodes and dissects the camera market in India, talks about the disruption induced by COVID, and shares his projection for the coming year.


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