Yekaterina Gyadu on the hustle and bustle of professional photography


Yekaterina Gyadu joins us on this week’s episode of The Phoblographer In the mind of the photographer. Currently in New York, Gyadu is a portrait, documentary and wedding photographer. She also has a background in fine arts. Her relationship with photography began in her youth, as she loved to take photographs whenever she visited her family in Russia. What is particularly striking is his love for analog filming. It’s something we love to see as the new generation moves up through the ranks. As her work and name grew, we wanted to speak with Gyadu as we are sure she will be a big name in the future.

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Yekaterina Gyadu on The Hustle

Many photographers earn their money from freelance gigs. When one job ends, there is no guarantee that another will start. Yekaterina Gyadu spent 11 years in New York City, forging valuable connections during this time. Over the past 12 months, in the midst of a pandemic, its reservations have started to take off. We talked about the pressures that come with the “hustle and bustle” of being a freelance photographer. Gyadu says that while it can be stressful, having more freedom is worth it. She admits that she’s never been one to adjust to the traditional 9-5 way of working.

Yekaterina Gyadu on her identity

Yekaterina Gyadu is part Russian and part Ghanaian. Growing up, she spent time in Russia, always asking her grandmother for a camera to practice her craft. Years later, she would return to Ghana, naturally, creating photographs during her stay.

Gyadu talks about the differences in creating images in the two respective countries. In Russia, people tend to be more reserved and dislike the idea of ​​foreigners taking photographs of them. In contrast, Ghanaians seem more open to the idea of ​​being photographed. At that point, I asked Gyadu where she felt most at home: in North America, Russia or Ghana. Glad I asked, as she told me that she is currently working on a documentary project, exploring who she is and what she belongs to most.

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Yekaterina Gyadu on being in front of the camera

Gyadu is an avowed introvert. She admits she thought twice before taking part in the podcast (we’re glad she did!) Due to her introverted nature, she isn’t too comfortable being in front of the podcast. camera. We’re talking about how important it is for photographers to enjoy having their photo taken, as it helps them be more authentic when they build their subjects’ confidence in a photoshoot. Through his personal documentary series, Gyadu intends to include a selection of self-portraits. We can’t wait to see them!

What else to expect

In this episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind, we also explain why Gyadu prefers film to digital. We talk about some of the main inspirations throughout your career and why it’s important to hold on to those who really want to help you succeed. Gyadu also shares her motivations for her documentary work and what she determines to be her photographic voice. It’s a great conversation and a valuable glimpse into the life of a photographer who is clearly on the rise.

In the mind of the photographer

The Phoblographer official podcast aims to penetrate deep into the mind of the photographer. Not only will we be talking to established names, but we also want to be there to champion photographers who clearly have a bright future in the industry.

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