Will Scheana Shay film her wedding for Vanderpump Rules? All the details about his tropical ceremony


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Newly engaged Scheana shay and fiance Brock Davies are spreading details about their upcoming wedding. Bravo stars revealed exclusively to E! News on Monday September 20 that they were planning to get married in Bali in November 2022.

“This is where we said to each other for the first time I love you,” Scheana explained, choosing the location for their tropical destination honeymoon. “It’s just a magical place for us. And I was thinking about it for the honeymoon and we might have the wedding in Australia or New Zealand, but we were like, ‘Why don’t we go. not in Bali? Take a whole vacation outside of that. ‘ Go away for a few weeks, bring all of our friends and family there and just take a destination trip. “

Brock added, “The flight to the wedding is going to be epic. We’re going to get everyone to book the same flight so that there are about 100 people flying out, it’s a party!”

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“It’s the best and it’s very affordable, which is another reason we chose there,” Scheana continued, adding of her future Australian husband, “I want to do what’s most convenient for his family. My family has been to one of my wedding before, so if they can’t make this one, that’s okay. “

As for filming the event for RVP, Scheana said, “I’m obviously open to that. Everything in my life has been filmed so far. The only thing is that it will technically be in the offseason. So unless we change the timing of the shoot. and let it not be in the summer or we just took and filmed a special wedding. I’m open to all of this but we’re not going to get married until the end of 2022 when it’s summer there- low. “

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So will all of their current Bravo co-stars be invited? “For now, yes,” Scheana laughed.

And yes, their five month old daughter Davies Honeymoon Summer, who was born in April, will have a special role in the wedding ceremony.

“One hundred percent, she will be the little flower girl,” exclaimed Scheana.

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Discover Scheana and Brock’s Daily pop interview above for more baby Summer scoop and details on the RVP the drama of season nine!

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