Where to buy the Crocs x Stance x B. Thom collection? Price, release date and more explored

After the Jibbitz Charms collaboration with Saweetie, Crocs continues its trend of artist collaboration with the upcoming three-way partnership with Stance and B. Thom. The artistic triad instilled their refined taste and DIY approach to Crocs’ Classic Clog, Jibbitz Charms and Icon Crew Sock.

The joint collection artwork was curated by Worcester, MA-based artist B. Thom Stevenson, who was inspired by designs from his grandmother’s quilts. The first collection of the dynamic triad will be released on the official Crocs and Stance e-commerce site on June 28, 2022.

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Crocs x Stance x B. Thom Stevenson 2-Piece Collection Launch Date (Image via Crocs)
Crocs x Stance x B. Thom Stevenson 2-Piece Collection Launch Date (Image via Crocs)

San Clemente, CA-based premium sock brand Stance and Worcester, MA-based artist B. Thom are collaborating with Colorado-based American footwear giant Crocs. The three-way art collaboration integrates fine art with a do-it-yourself approach on the two most popular retail brand items. Crocs introduced the collaboration,

“Crocs is thrilled to partner with Stance and work with an art world legend, B. Thom Stevenson. He approaches art with an inspiring joy and an outsider’s perspective that reverberates throughout their work. .We are proud to collaborate with him on his floral stenciled approach to a classic clog.”

The artist, B. Thom, used a floral stenciled approach, inspired by her grandmother’s quilts and their floral designs. These organic floral designs are executed on the socks and clogs in a contrasting hand painted aesthetic.

B. Thom also shared his views on the upcoming collaboration on Instagram on June 23, 2022, stating,

“Those who know me know that I love crocs. I started wearing them in the studio over ten years ago. Last year I hacked a pair of crocs as a gift for my good friend Jason and soon after I was asked by Stance to work with them and Crocs on a pair of clogs; a dream come true. A miracle. I designed them as an outdoor painter’s tool – a message that the studio n It’s not just 4 walls and a roof, it’s a STATE OF MIND.”

B. Thom Stevenson has reworked the Classic clog’s silhouette and style, adopting a rubber construction with a bright orange as the base shade. The basic orange is then contrasted with the all-over black floral print.

The organic floral print creates a pattern reminiscent of the analog copier. The collection will also include a number of unique Jibbitz charms in addition to the pair of crocs. The Bespoke Jibbitz is to give clients and buyers a chance to take the art studio anywhere, as the Jibbitz acts as functional tools for the outdoor painter in everyone.

Finally, the collection also offers Icon Crew socks, which also incorporate the artist’s analog floral patterns. The base of the socks is covered almost entirely in white with pops of orange dressing up the otherwise basic socks.

The socks are constructed with Stance’s infiniknit technology, which gives a seamless finish and toe closure for an anti-chafing finish. The socks are created to provide arch support for your feet all day long.

The classic clog will retail for $85, while retail pricing for the other items in the collection, namely the Icon Crew Sock and Jibbitz charms, has yet to be released. The collection can be used on the official e-commerce site of both fashion retailers from June 28, 2022.

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