Where to buy, prices and more on movie merchandise drop with Hype

Highly coveted video game company, Sonic the Hedgehog, has teamed up with British lifestyle label Hype to launch a capsule collection. Limited-edition merchandise from the collaboration witnessed the global launch on March 31.

In its range of collaborations, Sonic the Hedgehog has also recently teamed up with Fila. The collaboration lifted the spirits of Hedgehog fans by materializing the timeless shoes worn by Sonic himself. The scarlet-tone shoes were designed to celebrate the latest sequel to sonic the hedgehog which was released on April 8, 2022. The pairs that retail for $110 hit the market on March 31, just days before their sequel film was released.

Sonic the Hedgehog collection of colorful video game characters

For fans of all ages, the collaboration showcased a 30-piece collection featuring clothing and accessories for kids and adults. Based on the Sonic the Hedgehog color palette, the collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, cute pencil cases, funky backpacks, leggings and bowling shirts in bright colors.

All of the alluring characters from the latest sequel film, including Sonic, Super Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow, are showcased very well in the collaborative pieces. Additionally, the Celebration Edition also comes adorned with Hype’s black and white branding.

Various contemporary styles and patterns like gradient fade, graffiti, tie-dye and galaxy have been brought together to create the collection. The collection features the perfect blend of Hype’s contemporary streetwear style with the Japanese influence of SEGA.

The gender-neutral capsule’s reasonably priced items range from $18 to $60. The cheapest item is the pencil case which is designed in two different colorways: Sonic Blue and Knuckles Red. Made in four distinct colorways based on different game characters, the brightly colored backpacks are marked at $47. School supplies, i.e. backpacks and pencil cases, will be delivered from April 16.

Then the Sonic Adult Lime Graphic T-Shirt and the Kids Blue Sonic Fire Ring T-Shirt are priced at $34 and $26, respectively. The eye-catching Adult Pink Retro Sonic Hoodie is $54.

The black and white graffiti-inspired Mono Sonic Drop hoodie and joggers are loaded with Hedgehog prints and each is branded at $60.

The complete collection is easily accessible via justhype.com. For offline purchases, items are available from the Hype Carnaby store in London, as well as select global retailers from March 31.

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