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Emmanuel “Emay” Enemokwu’s emerging streetwear label Jehu-Cal is back with a third iteration of its Utility collection. Emay is the second-generation trend setter who considered blending British culture for his new collection, which ranges from $47 to $120.

Jehu-Cal, the label which was founded in 2016, has a huge fan base for its striking range of clothing which perfectly combines British luxury with streetwear fashion. The brand’s wide range of designs can be seen in its highly anticipated drops, key patterns and practical silhouettes that always yearn to grow.

The brand is growing by leaps and bounds, with names like Emile Smith Rowe, Pi’erre Bourne and Hero Fiennes Tiffin representing the brand. In addition, the brand has recently expanded its range with women’s clothing, selected homewares and accessories.

Jehu-Cal’s Utility collection is embraced with “Till Forever”

To celebrate the collection’s ‘Till Forever’ ethos, Emay has placed more emphasis on timeless designs. The last straw is like a work of art entirely hand-sewn in the Birmingham factory. It will undoubtedly put you at ease and make you feel at home.

Choosing sanded cotton twill from Lancashire and YKK zippers from London, the collection pays homage to British heritage.

Crafted with tones of black, blue, and white, the third drop includes a Utility Jacket, Basic Pants, Chupa Chups T-Shirt, Bubble Trucker Hat, Chupa Chups Hoodies, and Striped Track Pants. puffy print. All pieces are adorned with graphic prints of “Till Forever”.

The brand’s signature smiley logo is easily visible on the jacket and pants of the Utility set. At the same time, the iconic Jehu-Cal and “Chupa Chups” monograms are added to the apparel collection.

Designed with functionality in mind, the pants feature six exterior pockets, which flaunt their ample storage space.

The Last Drop, which features a thought-provoking narrative, takes Mark to Thetford, Norfolk, for its campaign as well as a visit to a renowned workhorse. Horses, known for their grace and strength, have long been used to pull trailers and haul goods in keeping with the functional style of the utility set.

Moving on to price, the most expensive item is the utility jacket which is marked at $120 USD. Then the pants and sweatpants sell for US$114 and US$107 respectively. The Chupa Chups Puff Print Navy Blue Hoodie is priced at 114 USD. The t-shirts which are introduced in three colorways will retail for US$47 each.

The snapback hats are introduced in three colors, black-red, navy blue and black. Each hat retails for US$47.

The British label’s third drop Utility, released on April 14, is easily accessible via Jehu-Cal’s e-commerce site as well as from its physical stores.

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