Wedding photographer who deleted friends’ photos goes viral on Reddit


A photographer who deleted photos of the bride and groom has gone viral on Reddit. The person told their story and received support from other users.

All bride and groom want their big day to be filled with special moments captured on camera with family and friends.

But a newlywed couple may not have enough photos to show after their wedding photographer deleted all of their photos after a disagreement.

The person who told their side of the story received thousands of upvotes and comments from Reddit users.

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Wedding photographer removes all photos after litigation

In a Reddit forum titled “IATA for removing my friend’s wedding photos in front of them?” One person revealed that friends hired them to take their wedding photos but deleted the photos after a dispute.

According to the user, they agreed to take the photos for a fee of $ 250, which they said “is nothing for a 10 hour event.”

“I’m not really a photographer, I’m a dog groomer,” the Reddit user explained. “I take a lot of dog pictures all day long to put them on my Facebook and Instagram, that’s ‘my thing’ if that makes sense. A haircut and a photo for each appointment. I very rarely photograph other things than dogs even though I have a nice installation.

“A friend got married a few days ago and, wanting to save some money, asked me if I could photograph it for them. I told him it wasn’t really my forte but he convinced me by saying he didn’t care if they were perfect: they were on a low budget and I agreed to shoot it for $ 250, this which is nothing for a 10 hour event.

But the photographer claimed they weren’t allowed to take a break to eat, which was the breaking point for them.

Wedding, photo by Colette Allen on Unsplash

Here’s what the photographer did next

The person said he was “told I couldn’t stop to eat because I had to be a photographer; in fact, they did not reserve a seat for me at any table.

“I told the groom I had to take off for 20 minutes to eat and drink something,” the Reddit user explained. “He tells me that I must either be a photographer or leave without pay. ”

This was the tipping point for the photographer who deleted all the wedding photos in front of the groom and took off.

The person wrote: “With the heat, the hunger, being generally annoyed by the circumstances, I asked if he was sure, and he said yes, so I deleted all the photos I took before him and I left saying I’m no longer his photographer.

People react to the story

A number of people have expressed support for the Reddit user.

“[They] seriously expected her to work 8.5 hours without food, little water and no breaks. Let’s be honest, she was doing this as a favor and not because of the money. How did they think it would go? One person commented.

Someone else added that “it makes sense to feed the photographer as well.”

Another wrote: “Who wants pictures of them eating? Like realistically? “

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