Webmart joins both sides to promote sustainability with print marketing

Print and paper advocacy group, Two Sides, is delighted to announce its newest member, Webmart, the sustainable marketing agency.

With over a quarter century of experience creating integrated print and marketing campaigns for growing businesses across the country, Webmart uses this vast expertise to help partners identify their target audience, develop a brand strategy and, above all, to reach customers in an environmentally sustainable way.

“Webmart is delighted to become a member of Two Sides. As a sustainable marketing agency, it makes perfect sense to join Two Sides because our messaging is perfectly aligned. The resources and materials provided by Two Sides allow us to communicate more about sustainability within our own company and to our customers. says Tom Oldershaw, director of customer strategy for Webmart.

Their data collection, analysis and enhancement services help clients eliminate waste as part of their marketing strategy. Initiatives such as carbon footprint printing and Enviromail – the UK’s first climate-friendly postage solution – are tangible solutions that are helping to reduce the impact of Webmart customers on the environment.

“Not only do we help you with your eco-friendly marketing, but we also follow suit as a company. We offset carbon emissions, generate energy from solar energy and are ISO 14001 environmental certified. We also have a 164 acre ‘oxygen farm’ in Scotland which is currently part of a twenty-year regeneration with the Scottish Government. said Tom Oldershaw.

“Our partnership with Webmart will help us share the great sustainable story that print and paper have to tell, to a number of brands and businesses, who need to be aware of the environmental merits of print and paper products. Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure and we look forward to working with Webmart,” says Jonathan Tame, Managing Director of Two Sides UK.

By joining Two Sides, Webmart has access to an extensive library of co-brandable communication tools, consumer research, cutting-edge information, sustainability advice and events.

For more information on the many benefits of joining Two Sides, please visit www.twosides.info/why-join-two-sides

To learn more about Webmart, visit: www.Webmart.net