Thieves steal more than $ 20,000 in equipment from wedding photographer’s car


A Houston-based wedding photographer suffered a huge setback in his career after thieves broke into his car and stole more than $ 20,000 in camera equipment.

Photographer Gaurav Hariyani had just wrapped up a wedding photoshoot last Monday when he pulled into a Costco and entered a Buffalo Wild Wings to grab some food with friends. When he returned to his car afterwards, he discovered that someone had smashed his car windows and stole all of his equipment.

“When I got out of my car, I saw that my car window was smashed,” writes Hariyani. “The first thing that came to my mind was my camera bag, which I felt was missing.”

The photographer says he lost brand new equipment that he had worked hard and saved up to invest in.

Lost were a Sony Alpha 1 full frame mirrorless camera valued at $ 6,500 (purchased just three months ago), a $ 2,500 Sigma lens, a Canon 5D Mark IV valued at about $ 2,700, and more.

“[The Sony Alpha 1] was my dream camera, ”continues Hariyani. “I bought it after working for eight years as a photographer and videographer in the wedding industry.”

“It was definitely a heartbreaking moment for me,” Hariyani said. Click2Houston. “[…] I worked for several years to get this basic equipment first, then I just invested a good amount of money in new equipment and now I see that there is nothing for me.

The photographer says that although he had insurance that protected his property, he discovered that his policy did not cover this type of theft.

If you’re a photographer, make sure your insurance policy covers car break-ins and always try to keep the equipment and photos from the shots with you (although this comes with its own set of risks).

“If you are trying to go out or go to a restaurant, make sure you have your things with you, don’t keep them in your car,” Hariyani said. Click2Houston. “[…] It can happen anywhere.

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However, there is a positive side to this story: others are now rallying around Hariyani to help the photographer get back on his feet. After receiving local media coverage and launching a GoFundMe fundraising campaign, Hariyani has already received more than $ 4,500 in donations to purchase new camera equipment.


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