The Sky’s the Limit with Maxa’s White Label Marketing Suite

Maxa Designs is a white label creative design and marketing services platform for the real estate industry.

Platforms: Office ; iOS app
Ideal for: All brokers, teams and agents

Main Selling Points:

  • Impressive template library
  • Design quality at all levels
  • Robust brand controls
  • All in-house domestic design staff
  • Professional-level graphic design tools

Main concern:

Maxa is a powerful tool for static content, which means it doesn’t yet offer features for video or motion graphics. But it’s on the way. If you don’t need these elements, you have no reason not to adopt this software.

What you should know

Maxa Designs (see its soon to be launched new website) is a graphic design and print production studio that offers its entire creative library and design suite as a brand brokerage marketing solution white.

Maxa is the parent company, and unless you’re requesting a new template or need any assistance, you won’t see the name much when creating your email templates, door hangers , multi-page luxury brochures, window signs, trifolds, social media graphics or whatever else you decide your organization needs to win more business.

It took me little time to understand Maxa’s abilities. If you’ve ever visited the Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center, you’ll understand that too. That’s all Maxa.

The sheer availability of models in Maxa is impressive. They have more marketing collateral options than most brokerages will ever need, which is exactly their goal – to never leave a client short.

What I found most impressive was the underlying design quality of its templates. Nothing looks canned or ordinary, everything is better than what I’ve seen before.

I’ve been told that all of Maxa’s digital artists are local to LA and paid what a good designer deserves to be paid. This is essential, as it is very easy to outsource cheap graphic design to offshore content farms and score it by the thousands. Of course, the business benefits are many, but designs often reflect this strategy.

While there’s no doubt that Maxa is a great solution for in-house design teams and marketing managers, its intent was to outsource creative services directly to agents. The user experience is as simple as that. You can even connect all brokerage and agent license information, as well as IDX account data, so creating real estate flyers is much faster. Simply enter the address or MLS ID number to embed the listing information into a template.

The left navigation bar lists a clear and long list of classified assets that you can create. If you’ve already uploaded your brand logos, portraits, and schemes, everything you open will be populated with those visuals, placed on the piece based on the design template you choose. Biographies will be in the right places, headlines where they belong, and logos filed according to company standards.

There are multiple levels of asset “lockdown” options in a design to prevent users from “going rogue” (as Maxa puts it) and usurping accepted brand standards. You can even lock the font choice, size, and other typographic features.

For print materials for open houses, local marketing mailings, sales office tables, and more, Maxa has you covered too. You can print what you need in just a few steps, selecting paper types, volume, and even a mailing list if it’s a direct mail campaign.

Once in a design template, changes are as easy as clicking on an element and editing it. A top hover menu provides access to drop shadow settings, gradient options, and element opacity. Photos, offered in the app or via local download, can also be filtered and adjusted in the design.

If there’s a model you want to see, just ask. All account levels come with unlimited requests and all changes that come after.

Maxa has a companion app for on-the-go creative production of social media content. It’s tied to your parent account, so all branding settings are intact upon launch.

Maxa is superior to Canva in many ways, in case you were wondering.

To begin with, it is developed to be used by designers, it is a real workspace. There’s room to move things around and think about what will look best, you’re not limited visually by the interface at all. It’s also smoother, as adjustments respond with little lag.

Maxa also feels like a tool for artists, even if you’re not one. While Canva is a CVT transmission, Maxa gives you the real shifting. Once you feel it, it’s hard to go back.

Again, Maxa is the engine, you are the driver. Your logos, team settings, brokerage branding, and user permissions are unique to your business. It looks like your software.

Also know that you’ve seen a lot of Maxa’s work in the industry already. A number of big names use it, you just don’t know.

But you do now.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping a range of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and technology for Inman.