Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce Sets New Rules for OTT Release

A meeting was organized by the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce to discuss the ongoing issues in the film industry. During the meeting, representatives from the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) shed light on the issues such as ticket prices, OTT release and other issues and obstacles in Tollywood. They have also provided solutions to these concerns by imposing new rules and regulations.

The discussion that took place highlighted rising ticket prices, release of OTT movies and other issues related to the Telugu film industry. According to reports, revealing details to the media, TFCC Secretary Mutyala Prasad said that discussions were held on various issues such as OTT versions, ticket price issues, virtual printing fees ( VPF), working conditions, fighter federation issues and production costs. Resolutions passed on movie releases on OTT platforms and other issues; he said and added that the same would be conveyed to the Producers Council in Hyderabad.

After a long meeting, delegates and officials present reached a solution that all medium and big budget films should be released on OTT after 10 weeks of their theatrical release while all low budget films can be made available. on the digital platform just after completing four weeks in theaters. Resolutions were passed on movie releases on OTT platforms and other issues, he said, and added that the same will be forwarded to the producers council in Hyderabad.

TFCC Secretary Mutyala Prasad said, “We suggested to the producer council to allow high budget films on OTT platforms eight weeks after theatrical release, while low budget films after four weeks. “

Exhibitor Sector President TS Ram Prasad said, “Canteen prices in multiplexes increase the cost to moviegoers. Single screens do not have this burden. In this regard, steps should be taken to revive single-screen rooms on which thousands of families depend for their survival. We have no objection to screening movies with the ticket price set by the state government.

He also said that even big budget movies like RRR, Pushpa- The Rise and Acharya could not attract long-term audiences due to their release on OTT platforms.

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