Some New Mexicans are still waiting for gas tax refunds

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — State leaders promised in April that every eligible New Mexican would receive rebate checks to help offset some of the current price hike. Nearly 800,000 New Mexicans have already gotten checks or direct deposits, but many are still waiting.

“My husband is a firefighter for Bernalillo County and he broke his butt and I work with foster kids here,” said Sarah Owensby, who lives in Los Lunas. “And we could really use the money right now.”

She claims the Tax and Revenue Department had a rolling deadline.

“Every time you call, the automated message pushes it back a week and there’s just no reference like ‘hey, this is the next step to contact to speak to a human,'” Owensby said. .

KOB 4 received the same message when we called on Wednesday, asking to inquire again on June 24.

The Ministry of Taxes and Revenues said it had until the end of June to issue payments to taxpayers. They are able to print and send 14,000 copies a day. This happens in the same order that people filed their taxes.

“I know it’s hard to wait when you know your friends or family member got theirs and you’re still waiting, but please be patient,” Secretary Schardin Clarke said.

They also encountered problems in the supply chain.

“As with many supply chains, warrant inventory is hard to come by right now — the check paper we actually write on,” Schardin Clarke said.

She admits the call center is less than efficient at the moment.

“Frankly, the call center time is not what we want it to be right now because we get so many questions from people who call about their discount and anything we can really do, it’s saying the same thing,” Schardin Clarke said.

Each eligible taxpayer will receive a payment. If the department sends the final round on June 30, it should be at your house in a few days, according to the postal service.

The second round of payments is supposed to be paid in August. The department plans to outsource the printing of these checks to the state bank, which means they can print 50,000 a day, almost triple what they currently do.

These two reimbursements are in addition to a third payment coming in July, for many New Mexicans whose income is below a certain threshold. Joint filers must earn less than $150,000 per year and single filers must earn less than $75,000 per year.