Some helpful tax tips for the 2022 tax season

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KREX) – It’s critical time for the 2022 tax season and filing can be stressful. Dr. Felicia Olagbemi, Director of CSU Global’s Accounting Program, shares some great tips on what you need to know about tax filing and how to better prepare for the upcoming tax season.

“Please, please be organized. Make sure you organize all your financial records so that during tax season, you don’t freak out and say oh my God, where is it? Where is -this, says Dr. Olagbemi.

If you’re having trouble organizing, tracking receipts, or other legal documents required for your taxes, Dr. O has some advice on that, too.

“One of them is called Wave Accounting. It’s free software that people can use and it’s usually imperative for those you have to pay. You can record all your finances each month this way at the end of the year everything is ready, you just have to print the report. you do your own taxes or you bring them to your tax specialist.

Grand Junction is also filled with small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to file tax returns, but their filing system can be a bit trickier. Fortunately, there are also good tips for them. “Know your adjustable income. A good starting point is this year. If you know the amount of your adjustable income this year, you are able to plan for next year.

Dr. Olagbemi has a lot of great advice, but the key to ensuring your next tax season is a stress-free one seems to be – a good filing system. Good luck!