Some are eligible for help with new property tax bills

Guilford County’s property tax rate has stayed the same this year, but nearly everyone’s taxes have gone up a lot anyway since the countywide tax department’s five-year property reassessment took effect. fell in a year of record high house prices.

That means plenty of people will be in for sticker shock this year – and it also means those in particularly tough financial situations could find it even harder to pay.

However, the Guilford County government wants people to know that there are options for people in special situations who are truly unable to afford the huge tax increase. There are several property tax relief programs available in Guilford County — and throughout the state — that help some struggling residents with their tax bills.

These programs can either reduce the property tax bill or help pay taxes owed.

Assistance is for those such as disabled veterans, financially challenged seniors and unmarried surviving spouses of disabled veterans.

The Guilford County Tax Department will also work with people in other ways if the homeowner can demonstrate an inability to pay the bill for a primary residence.

Those who need help can visit to find out if they are eligible and, if so, to submit an application.

One program, for example, excludes from tax the higher of the first $25,000 or 50% of the appraised value of a home.

The programs generally only apply to the permanent residences of eligible owners.

Over the years, Guilford County Tax Director Ben Chavis has pointed to the fact that high collection rates — like those the Guilford County Tax Department achieves each year — are what make the tax system just and fair.

Despite this objective, state and county tax authorities recognize that there are very specific circumstances in which partial payments, payment plans or subsidized payments are necessary.