Smartpress presents 30 revolutionary products for print marketing

Make marketing memorable
Through a partnership with Foldfactory, Smartpress’s new cutting-edge direct mail, personalized brochures and marketing materials will leave target audiences wanting more. Ideal for product launches, event announcements and trade show documents, Designer Folds add an unexpected sizzle to advertising and communications strategies.

Be inspired by printed materials like you’ve never seen before:

“Our new collection features fun designs that businesses and nonprofits can use to share their messages. In the digital age, our clients’ print marketing strategies must stand out, and Designer Folds will provide them with a totally unique method of communication, “said Matt Chapman, vice president of Smartpress.

Differentiate from digital
Why Does Leveraging Print Boost Marketers Over The Competition?

  • Print marketing has become a bright spot in the fight against digital fatigue from the pandemic.
  • Digital ads enhanced by print campaigns establish credibility in the market and reach a wider audience.
  • As businesses continue to reopen and more events take place, businesses need inventive strategies to increase brand awareness and win back customers.
  • Designer Folds surprises and delights with a visual and tactile experience that reveals a message one panel, curve and twist at a time.

“The right-time print media in the right place as part of a campaign or promotion can drive sales, build brand loyalty, gain exposure and make a good impression,” said Foldfactory founder, Trish witkowski. “Specialty formats have an impact – they provoke a reaction.”

Get in on the action
Smartpress’s online printing services provide customers with a “local print shop” experience with personal help in customizing any project. Designer Folds is an innovative advertising strategy that is already generating leads and buzz unlike print marketing in years.

See these revolutionary products in action:

About Smartpress

Smartpress is the premium online printer for creative agencies, graphic designers, nonprofits, and marketers across the United States and Canada. They operate according to three fundamental principles:

  1. Create the highest quality print in the industry.
  2. Provide world-class customer service with personalized advice every step of the way.
  3. Maintain commitment to environmentally friendly business practices and social responsibility.

Smartpress has obtained numerous environmental certifications such as EcoVadis Gold and ISO 14001. It is a 100% employee-owned company and is home to one of the largest fleets of HP Indigo HD presses in the world.

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