Smart Source announces the acquisition of Suncoast Marketing, Inc.

ATLANTE, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smart Source is pleased to announce its acquisition of Suncoast Marketing, Inc. (“Suncoast”) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Suncoast was founded in 1977 and is ranked as the #1 distributor in Florida and among the top 35 in the United States, Suncoast has established this position by “consistently delivering brilliant ideas” with an emphasis on superior customer service, use of domestic and international distribution channels, and continuous improvement of evolving technologies.

Smart Source is a leading brand management (“BPO”) business process outsourcer and technology provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia which sources printed and promotional products for domestic and international clients. The company has a reputation for integrating and growing existing customer relationships by leveraging its branded sourcing technology to optimize customer pricing. Through this effort and the success of our many customers, Smart Source has experienced substantial growth and expansion in recent years. Acquisition of Suncoast will allow Smart Source to further increase its market share and strengthen its existing offer South Florida operations. The acquisition also provides Suncoast with access to the tools necessary to be a market leader and grow its business in an industry that continues to undergo change.

Suncoast is a private company located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The company’s owning team, including Bob Scala, Randy Eubanks and Norm Cantelmedetermined that “Now is the time to merge with a bigger, stronger company that will enable our continued growth. Our people are excited about the change and challenges ahead. Florida The market is dynamic and the tools that come with our merger will allow our representatives to attack the market in new and exciting ways. One of our favorite quotes from Gus Stavros, a former ICON of this industry, is “The act of standing still is the beginning of decline”. Our fusion of talent and technology will enable our rapid mutual growth and advancement into the future.”

Scott Rich, senior vice president of sales, said “Smart Source’s extensive platform of services and technology will be a significant benefit to all Suncoast customers.” Announcing the acquisition, Tom D’Agostino, Jr., CEO of Smart Source, said “it is a pleasure to welcome Bob, Randy, Norm and the entire Suncoast team to the Smart Source family.” And Sara Horn, Chief Operating Officer, is “excited about the efficiency, account reporting and infrastructure that Smart Source can bring to Suncoast employees and customers as part of this combination.”

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