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Senco builds on the Big Indian Wedding for the latest campaign.

Jewelry retailer Senco Gold & Diamonds has launched its new wedding campaign dubbed “Senco Di Wedding”, which is inspired by the cheerfulness associated with Indian weddings.

The new campaign shows how Indian weddings are celebrated with pomp and grandeur where all family members dress. The creation is based on the idea that a wedding ceremony turns into a fashion ramp where family members and guests show up in their most beautiful and chic clothes.

This campaign video depicts the liveliness of a wedding in northern India and shows different gold and diamond adornments worn by different family members. The campaign aims to communicate that the brand has something for anyone attending an Indian wedding.

Suvankar Sen, CEO of Senco Gold and Diamonds, said: “Indian weddings are like festive occasions in India, where in most cases they are celebrated with many decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals. which depend on the community, the region. and the religion of the bride and groom, as well as their preferences. At Senco Gold and Diamonds, we are proud to represent this most important celebration of Indian families through our ‘Senco Di Wedding’ campaign and happy to partner with this special celebration and bring joy and happiness to our customers during the wedding season. “

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