RivCo Supes Approves Property Tax Bill Printing Agreement with OC Supplier

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. — The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday authorized the Riverside County Treasurer-Collector’s Office to enter into a $4.87 million contract with a Yorba Linda-based vendor to handle all printing and distribution property tax bills for the next five years.

In a 5-0 vote without comment, the board gave the green light to treasurer-collector Matthew Jennings to establish the agreement with Bridgecom LLC.

“During this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, the county cannot afford a disruption in the printing and mailing of property tax bills, which would have a substantial negative impact on the county’s largest source of revenue. “, according to a statement from the agency. “This agreement is essential to ensure uninterrupted revenue streams.”

More than $4.5 million in revenue comes from county property taxes, with more than a million tax bills mailed to property owners across the county throughout the year, officials say.

“The timely submission of each tax bill is critical to ensuring the efficient collection and timely filing of revenue,” Jennings said.

The agreement will be in effect from fiscal years 2022-23 to 2026-27.

According to documents released on the board’s agenda, four vendors submitted bids for the contract, but Bridgecom was ultimately selected as “the most responsive and responsible bidder”.

The company has facilities “close to downtown Riverside and can facilitate quick turnaround times for supply deliveries, invoice template reviews and courier services,” the Office of the Treasurer said- tax collector.