Rising price pressure continues to mount

Madness abounds in the Twin Cities and no one can tell where the next round of nonsense will hit the ground running. A portion of traders are taking advantage of the ongoing economic scenario to raise the prices of daily necessities which were already becoming more expensive, according to market insiders.

“They are now taking advantage of the current economic situation in an illogical way to make extra money. Prices of basic necessities have risen in the city’s main shopping malls. This triggered a ripple effect in retail markets in the city and elsewhere in the country,” says Baqir Rizvi. “During this time of year, center stage has been robbed by the grandiose escalation in the prices of basic necessities like milk, bread, ghee, oil, soap, eggs, fruits, etc “says Saniya Naqi.

“Stories unfolding about skyrocketing prices of daily use items tempt me to eat only grains. Fruit and vegetable prices have risen 17% in the last 10 days in a bizarre twist” , explains Zaheer Syed.

“I hereby call on the people of the city to raise their voices against this onslaught of corporate greed,” says Ashal Najaf. “I also ask everyone to seriously boycott the purchase of some of these items that you can go without for a week, which may seem impossible but it is okay to try,” adds Ashal Najaf.

“This price hike must stop. The government must step in and do the right thing by penalizing these greedy commercial organizations. This time I plan to join the Consumers Association,” says Shanawar Abbas.

“I intend to work seriously to raise awareness and try to unite them to work as a pressure group so that accidental price fluctuations do not come as a surprise. Let’s all join the consumer movement and work together to keep the business community online,” adds Shanawar. “The district administration has not yet launched a campaign to monitor the market. Without regular market monitoring throughout the year, it is in no way possible to control the prices of products,” says Tareef Hussain.

“While visiting the Raja Bazaar Mall yesterday, it was found that the prices of different varieties of wheat had increased significantly over the past two weeks. Any type of artificial crisis or price hikes by unscrupulous traders must be controlled,” says Wajahat Syed.

“I don’t have the latest information on traders who are charging higher prices. If so, we will drive. Last week I had a meeting with some businessmen, who pledged not to raise the prices of basic necessities,” says Irfan Jafri, a regional councillor. Rafaqat Ali says: “The struggle of the poor and low-income groups is now compounded by the persistent rise in the prices of basic necessities. These people are always struggling with their limited budgets under the pressure of rising prices.