Ricoh unveils new integrated marketing services

Ricoh USA, Inc. has announced a suite of marketing services and technologies that enable midsize businesses in healthcare, financial services, retail and higher education to effectively execute marketing campaigns and… improve communications with customers. It is complemented by solutions such as asset development and distribution, interactive media, and communications and composition technology that drive continuous innovation, effective marketing programs, and critical business results. Ricoh’s suite of marketing services also provides visibility into campaign results and engagement to equip businesses with a deep understanding of performance. The services allow users to optimize campaigns in real time to effectively reach customers and prospects to drive business growth and optimize budgets.

Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. Ricoh’s holistic approach to marketing services combines cutting-edge technology with expertise in digital, experiential and personalized communications. This methodology gives clients the competitive advantage of an additional team of marketing experts to manage projects and initiatives, freeing up internal teams for more strategic activities.

The success of the campaign had a significant impact on the results. Tami Reese, Operations Manager, Design and Print Center, Intermountain Healthcare said, “With Ricoh, we were able to generate approximately $1 million in fraudulent expenses. Their suite of marketing services allows us to measure our customers’ SLAs and through this measurement we have improved our processes to increase customer satisfaction. Working with Ricoh is worth its weight in gold.

Ricoh’s suite of marketing services includes a complete and fully integrated approach, including personalized assessment, tailored advice and extensive campaign management, as well as flexible service consumption models with billed hours for ultimate adaptability of the scope and duration of contracted services, coupled with cloud-based or on-premises software solutions.

“As the number of communication channels has grown, our goal is to help clients effectively develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns that effectively meet consumer expectations for ongoing, omnichannel information,” said Derrick Rankin, Vice President, Professional Services, Software. & Strategic Solutions, Ricoh USA, Inc. “Ricoh helps fill a critical void for organizations that lack the staff or resources to design, implement and manage branding, communications campaigns or promotions.”

Ricoh’s suite of Marketing Services is designed for mid-sized businesses, factories in the healthcare, higher education, financial services and retail markets, as well as creative services, corporate marketing teams. business and communications organizations. Commercial printers can also benefit from this new offer, extending marketing services to their end customers.

Source: Ricoh USA

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