Princess Diana told a royal photographer she still loves Prince Charles after her affair became public


Prince Charles and Princess Diana after announcing their engagement in 1981. Hulton Archives / Getty Images

  • Royal photographer Kent Gavin has traveled the world with Princess Diana to take her picture.

  • He told Insider that she discussed ending her marriage with him on a flight home from Pakistan.

  • She said she still loved Prince Charles despite her affair, according to Gavin.

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A royal photographer close to Princess Diana said she told him she still loved Prince Charles after their marriage broke up.

Kent Gavin worked as a royal photographer for the Daily Mirror, and he developed a close relationship with Princess Diana by photographing her for almost 20 years.

He photographed her wedding and Prince William’s christening at her request, and he traveled the world with her to immortalize her life.

His unique position gave Gavin direct access to the late princess, which led to her telling him about her marriage at least once, as he told Insider.

Princess Diana looks to the right wearing a green blouse and matching scarf.

Princess Diana in Pakistan in 1996. Tim Graham / Contributor / Getty Images

“On a trip back from Pakistan, we talked about the end of the marriage,” he told Insider.

The trip would likely have been Princess Diana’s 1997 trip to Pakistan, as she and Prince Charles formally filed for divorce in August 1996.

“She said, ‘Kent, I still love her,’” Gavin said.

“She said there were three of them in this marriage and she wasn’t going to have it,” Gavin told Insider.

Diana made similar comments in her 1995 BBC1 “Panorama” interview with Martin Bashir. The BBC apologized for covering up the “deceptive behavior” used to organize the interview in 2021.

Details of Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall, leaked to the press in 1992, after which he and Diana made their public appearances separately, as Mikhaila Friel previously reported from ‘Insider.

prince charles princess diana

Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1992. PA

Despite her comments to Gavin at the end of her marriage, the royal photographer also told Insider that Diana was unhappy at the time of her wedding.

He was with Charles and Diana the day before the wedding at Smith’s Lawn, and he said “she was very upset and left.”

Diana later revealed that she had doubts throughout her engagement about her marriage to the prince.

“It was a very happy occasion for everyone except Diana, unfortunately,” Gavin said of Charles and Diana’s wedding.

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