People worry about rising inflation after POL price spike

By MANSEHRA: Residents of Hazara Division have raised their concern at the highest level

inflation rate following a recent record spike in petroleum product prices.

“I have never experienced such instability in commodity prices, which have reached an alarming position and continue to rise,” said general store owner Abdul Waheed.

A visit to the markets revealed that the prices of almost all essential items and fares for passenger transport have increased significantly, and even the fares for transport powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) have also increased by almost 30%.

“Although there is record inflation triggered by the recent POL price spike, it is regrettable that the district administrations have failed miserably to control traders and transporters unfairly taking advantage of the situation,” said Mohammad Arif, a local resident.

Prices of basic necessities, according to buyers, have not risen in line with the recent surge in the price of petroleum products.

High quality Basmati rice price increased from Rs180 per kilogram to Rs280, Ghee price increased to Rs550 from Rs460 per kg, Channa to Rs360 per kg from Rs227, Channa pulse to Rs219 per kg from 160, Masoor pulse at Rs280 from Rs210, price of chickpea flour at Rs180 per kg from 160.

The price of beef also rose to Rs550 from Rs460 per kilo. Fruit and vegetable prices have also increased in local markets by 30-40%.

The vendors said that although the prices were determined daily, there was a steady increase since the government recently increased the prices of petroleum products.