Olivia Plath reflects on the miscarriage “Wake-Up Call”: “so relieved”


An experience of isolation. Olivia plath felt “alone” when she had a miscarriage “a short while ago”.

The Welcome to Plathville The 23-year-old star explained in a clip from the TLC show on Tuesday, Aug. 31, that she was “so happy” about her previous pregnancy loss.

“I felt like I was wrong to feel that way, and I wish I had more people to talk to who could have been a sounding board or who could have had a different perspective, maybe, of the one I was raised with. “Said the reality TV star Moriah Plath. “I felt bad to be relieved, but I was so relieved because it was, like, a wake-up call, like, ‘I’m not ready to have a child. I don’t want a child.

The TLC personality went on to say that when she told her husband, Ethan Plath, about the miscarriage he was “just as relieved” as she was.

On Tuesday, Ethan, 23, said exclusively Us weekly that they plan to wait “a few years” to start a family. “We want to travel a bit,” he said.

Olivia and Ethan Plath

Courtesy of Olivia Plath / Instagram

The couple married in October 2018. Two years later, Olivia explained that she was struggling with thoughts of suicide.

“I spent last New Years Eve scared, crying and thinking about suicide. I woke up on New Years Day and knew I needed to get help and surround myself with good people if I was to make it happen, ”the Virginia native said via Instagram in January. “I have decided to declare 2020 as the year. I had poured everything out of myself into other people and decided to focus on my happiness in 2020. It turned out to be a joke and a half. I don’t know how different 2021 will be, but tonight I’m with people who love me instead of being alone. And I have another therapy appointment next week. Instead of claiming this year for my happiness, I want to keep learning and growing for my own sake and that of others.

The wedding photographer played with her husband’s family members on Welcome to Plathville since November 2019, and the series is currently in its third season.

As she and Ethan have an ongoing feud with her parents, Kim plath and Barry plath, their marriage has recently been put to the test.

Olivia explained exclusively to We Tuesday: “[It] just put a little pressure on us at the start as we got to know each other. “

Earlier this month, she confirmed they were still married after sharing photos without her wedding ring. “Sometimes I wear my ring, sometimes not for two reasons: a) forgetting. I take it off when I sleep, when I take a shower, when I cook, when I hike / adventure, etc. and I often forget to put it back, ”Olivia wrote on her Instagram story. “And b) Often times I don’t wear my ring when traveling solo and I’m afraid it will be damaged, stolen or forgot and leave it at the hotel – hence the reason it is often disabled on travel / wedding / adventure photos. You can come @ me but it’s the truth and it has nothing to do with engagement levels.

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