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Abby Hoover
Chief Editor

Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

The Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1994 and has since served the Northeast business community in a variety of ways.

“We want to be the go-to place for your business,” their mission statement reads. “We can provide you with training, programs and networking opportunities to increase your success. We bring companies together. »

The Chamber strives to be a financially strong, well-managed professional association that helps improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness in northeast Kansas City. Through partnership and collaboration, its goal is to serve the diverse entrepreneurial, cultural, artistic, commercial, industrial and civic interests of the community.

The Chamber hosts business courses like Business 101, Marketing and Website Development; creates opportunities for businesses to come together and share their concerns and successes like Coffee on the Corridor; coordinates microloans, business programs and monthly luncheons; promotes and markets member companies; and provides the Economic Growth Gallery (EGG) for events and small businesses.

HNE REX, which began as the Historic Northeast Real Estate Exchange, brought real estate agents and investors into the community, allowing them to see the potential and need for preservation in historic neighborhoods. With the improvement of the real estate market, EST REX has evolved. Now as the Historic Northeast Re-Employment Exchange, attracting big employers like T-mobile and Target, and introducing them to social agencies that connect people to jobs, like ReStart and Newhouse.

“We address relevant community issues through an ever-evolving process, using HNE REX as a platform to identify and resolve issues affecting the business community,” said Bobbi Baker-Hughes, President and CEO of the leadership of the House.

North East News

Kansas City’s Northeast News is a free weekly print and online publication focused on collecting and disseminating information relevant to the historic Northeast Kansas City community. Established in 1932, it has grown into a multimedia community journalism outlet, reporting on local government, education, public health, social services and neighborhood issues that directly impact neighborhoods and residents of the historic northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

According to the Institute for Nonprofit News, “Nonprofit journalism serves people and communities. Independence builds public confidence. Fairness is fundamental to all of our actions and news coverage. »

The Northeast News is committed to serving our community in the best way possible. We appreciate feedback from our neighbors and community members. Our team is here to report the often untold stories, advocate for your community, and tackle any complex issues here.