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Improved “Art in Village” in Ninghai County

“With the Maoyang Wedding Themed Art Village as a starting point and the Love Themed Slow Walking Trail as the main line, we can connect the whole Valley of the Art of Love from Shimen. ” On the morning of August 1, at the wedding industry docking meeting in Maoyang Village, Dajiahe Town, Ninghai County, Liu Dongfeng, resident artist and teacher of the School of Fine Arts of the Shandong Normal University, expressed its creative ideas on “art in Village”, and participating wedding companies rushed for orders.

“Professor Liu’s design concept is very much in line with the needs of new couples today. Our company is looking forward to more cooperation with him. said Chen Shixue, the planner of Ninghai Yin-time Wedding Planning Hall. During this time, she suggested designing and crafting a card as a “card” of the love experience, a traditional wedding with a sense of solemn ceremony and other experience ties to get more attention. new couples. Xue Jianjie, the head of Ninghai Xiongze Film and TV Media Co., Ltd., also expressed his point of view. He hoped to cooperate with Maoyang Village and Professor Liu’s team to bring to light the cultural heritage of the “red dowry”, develop various industrial elements related to love, make Maoyang Village a famous place online for wedding shoots and bring visible passenger flows to increase the income of local villagers.

Some companies expressed their willingness to cooperate and emotional experts also gave advice for the development of the village. “The interactive experience is very important to attract tourists to stay in the village for consumption. Focusing on the theme of love, Professor Liu’s team will guide the villagers in building an “emergency grocery store” in the village, so that tourists can communicate with emotional experts by letter and rush their requests. slow paced feelings. Ge Zheng, a youth love expert from the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and a love and marriage expert, wanted to set up his own love and marriage studio in Maoyang Village. At the same time, he suggested fully developing the functions of the old houses and creating “live role-playing” scenes to enhance the sense of experience of tourists through immersive storylines.

“The village ring road designed by our team focuses on traditional culture, integrating experience, research, culture and commerce.” Liu Dongfeng’s concepts are in line with the ideas of experts and business representatives. The team formed a strategic partnership for the cooperative development of the “Love in Maoyang” wedding industry base with four local companies, Xiongze Film and TV Media, Yin-time Culture Media, Ruiyou Culture Media and Chenxu Wedding. By integrating the industry in advance in the transformation of village art, and by refining and exploring unique cultural intellectual property, universities, businesses, academics, experts and local villagers have formed the ‘strongest’ village team, which is the latest footnote for Ninghai County to promote the revaluation of the countryside artistic revitalization action

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