Nexeo Plastics launches a major update to its MyNexeo e-commerce platform

FORESTS, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexeo Plastics, one of the world’s leading distributors of thermoplastic resins, is pleased to announce the launch of a major update to its MyNexeo e-commerce site, which aims to simplify and positively transform the experience customer purchases.

The revamped MyNexeo site allows customers to search thousands of products, check price and availability of materials, track orders, shop online, chat with a customer service representative, and much more.

“We wanted to give our customers the service and tools they expect, including a better shopping experience,” said Jeff Collier, Chief Commercial Officer of Nexeo Plastics. “MyNexeo provides customers with tools and resources to help them make the right purchasing decisions and manage their orders.”

The site has several key features that allow customers to:

Find it fast

The enhanced site provides customers with access to over 15,000 material options. Customers can explore and research products through our open catalog of raw materials and ETPs and check material availability and pricing.

Know it now

In addition to pricing information, customers can view past order history, real-time order status, minimum order quantity and package size details, estimated delivery dates, safety data sheets, bills of lading, invoices, technical data, etc.

Buy better

Customers can shop for exclusive online commodity offers, as well as review their favorite and commonly used products, which they can redeem with 1 click. Plus, they can chat with a live agent and request a quote.

“We haven’t finished enriching MyNexeo. We will continue to listen to our customers and add the features our customers need and want,” said Collier.

About Nexeo Plastics

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