Newberry Region Tourism Renames Marketing as ‘Tahquamenon Country’

The Newberry Area Tourism Association has retired its site and will begin doing business as Tahquamenon Country.

This rebranding along with a new digital platform of reflects our commitment to promoting all that the region has to offer. This dynamic new platform will become the definitive source of information about our region, providing all the resources anyone will need to effectively plan their trip.

Hoping to see a real live moose on your vacation? Try the ‘Moose Finder’, an app that allows those who have spotted a moose to take its photo, upload it to the website, then put a pin on the map there to indicate where they spotted the moose. ‘animal. But, says executive director Andrew Rasch, that’s just one feature of the new website. “We hope this helps the many people who ask us every day ‘Where can you see a moose?’

“Our mission has always been to bring more visitors to the area to stay at area hotels, eat at area restaurants, shop at area outlets, and increase revenue. and job opportunities here in Luce County. Current estimates show that around 500,000 people visit Tahquamenon Falls each year and we even want to increase this number.

Rasch says the digital approach is an exciting new way to achieve this goal. “Last year the Board of Directors recognized that times and technology have changed the way we can reach potential visitors. The era of printed materials and billboards is giving way to social media, to blogs, website ads and other electronic media, and gave me a clear mandate to make the necessary changes to our strategy.

The Director added: “Tourism is one of the most important economic drivers in our region. Tourism brings income to our community and creates jobs. The healthier our community’s economy, the more other businesses and individuals will be willing to invest in our future.

To achieve this goal, Rasch said: “Over the next year, we will aggressively develop new content with videos, photography and blogs to better show all the cool features of our region and how we really have four seasons of pleasure.”