New Cavs logo, alternate uniforms used as marketing method

CLEVELAND — Jim Kahler Spent years helping design logos for the Cavaliers.

“This one was introduced in 1994 when we were opening the new arena,” Kahler said, pointing to an old Cavs logo.

What do you want to know

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers have changed their team logos for the 2022-23 season
  • The team logo reflects the new era of talent on the roster
  • Former Cavs marketing executive says new logos and alternate uniforms are a great marketing tool

He now directs the sports and entertainment management program at Cleveland State University. The Cavs hired a professional artist to design the logo, which they say reflects the team’s new era.

Cavs chief marketing officer Chris Kaiser said the team has been developing this for years and the timing couldn’t be better.

“These are guys starting to create their own identity and create their own legacy,” Kaiser said. “We believe this will be the uniform everyone remembers building this legacy in.”

Kahler said any team would likely change their logo or colors as they gain momentum. He said it wouldn’t make as much sense to change them if a team is rebuilding.

“It’s all about timing. So if you’re going to rebrand and rebuild, I think in the case of the Cavaliers, their timing was perfect,” Kahler said. “They rebuilt and then they changed brands. But now they have the power to match the timing with the rebrand.”

New logos mean new jerseys and merchandise for sale. They will include the logos of different Cavs.

“Your number one item will be jerseys,” Kahler said.

Kahler said varsity teams use alternate jersey designs as a marketing tool.

Ohio State football donned all the scarlet jerseys when it took on Penn State last year.

They will wear these jerseys again this year.

Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland had several alternate jerseys during last year’s football season to draw fans into the stands.

“What can we do with a unique uniform design, I think, if we’re just going to print,” Kahler said.

Kahler said the NBA is different because no logo changes are allowed unless the league approves.