Massive price hike at The (Bergen) Record

Two weeks after The (Bergen) Record stopped printing Saturday papers, they increased their newsstand price by 40% Monday through Friday and 50% on Sunday.

Bergen’s record now costs $3.49 on weekdays and $4.49 on Sundays. Prior to March 28, the price was $2.50 on weekdays and $3.00 on Sundays.

For those who don’t want to do the math, it now costs an extra $8.94 to buy the Bergen Record ay at the newsstand each week, an annual increase of over $450, including holidays when the newspaper is not printed at all.

The Record’s home delivery has not increased. It’s still $79 per month – plus tax – or $948 per year. That’s less than the $1,140 a year it costs to buy the paper at a retail store.

The price increases come during a difficult time for The Record owner Gannett.

A customer service representative for The Record was unable to correctly quote the newspaper’s newsstand price.

“At this time, we don’t have an update on the price increase,” said Dominick, who cited company policy in declining to give his last name. “The price is $2.00 on weekdays and $3.00 on Sundays.”

Gannett said he lost $135 million in 2021. Shares of the company closed Monday at $4.57 per share, down from $6.93 on Sept. 27.