Levain Bakery Meets 200% Increase in E-Commerce Demand with RRD’s Packaging and Warehousing Solutions

At the onset of the pandemic, Levain saw online orders for its signature cookies surge and worked with RRD to update its e-commerce packaging to improve efficiency and provide a better brand experience for consumers. clients. | Credit: Mark Weinberg

RR Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD), a leading global marketing and business communications provider, has helped Levain Bakery meet a 200% increase in e-commerce demand during the pandemic. The 26-year-old company, which started on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, has grown from a popular New York institution among locals and tourists to a national brand – while improving efficiency and exceeding consumer expectations through RRD packaging and warehousing. solutions.

At the onset of COVID-19, Levain experienced growing demand for its cookie assortments available for purchase online. Simultaneously, the company needed to tackle an e-commerce packaging overhaul while increasing its warehousing capacity. To address these challenges, the company partnered with RRD, a Chicago-based company with roots in printing that has evolved to offer solutions ranging from creative design and kitting to warehousing and management. exclusive supply chain, and more.

“We were already a growing brand, opening new bakeries, growing our e-commerce business and expanding our business into food retailers,” said Andy Taylor, CEO of Levain. “The challenge was to create a packaging solution that not only ensured our customers received our product in perfect condition, but also improved our efficiency to better meet demand. When COVID-19 shut down New York – and the rest of the world – we saw online orders grow and we needed a supplier who had the flexibility to meet growing demand at greater ladder.

Available in packs of 4, 8, or 12, Sourdough cookies were already packaged in simple, shippable, self-assembling corrugated boxes filled with packing materials. Not only did the boxes need an overhaul to better reflect the brand inside and out, Levain worked to improve product protection and operational efficiency of the packaging.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the urgency for Levain to meet its evolving packaging design and warehousing needs,” said Lisa Pruett, President, RRD Packaging Solutions, Forms and Labels. “What differentiates RRD is our range of capabilities and expertise. From packaging design and engineering to printing, supply chain and marketing, we can serve as a single-source solution provider for businesses in growth mode.

Working closely with Levain’s marketing team and The Creative Pack designers, RRD worked across multiple factories to deliver a dynamic e-commerce box that represents a combination of flexo and litho-lamination techniques. To ensure product protection, RRD has designed a lightweight cardboard insert to accommodate all three pack sizes. The universal insert and redesigned packaging finally reduced an 8-step process to 4 steps.

“We provided different iterations of packaging and inserts for the Levain team to evaluate. They then carefully tested the prototypes in transit to ensure there would be no tearing or crushing of packaging so that customers receive their cookies perfectly protected for the best possible brand experience,” said Pruett. “Our focus with our customers is sustainability and efficiency. For Levain, we were able to reduce the use of unnecessary materials per order while dramatically reducing the time it takes to pack and ship the product, improving efficiency by 50 percent.”

RRD also helped Levain solve its warehousing challenge using a replenishment model. This allowed Levain to receive partial orders for its rolling shipments of 15 pallets per week at its production facility while the rest remained nearby at an RRD warehouse in Pennsylvania.

Following the success of the partnership for Levain’s e-commerce initiatives, the companies continue to work together as Levain expands the availability of its grocery product: ready-to-heat frozen cookies available in folding tab boxes in more than 1 700 grocery stores across the country. . Additionally, RRD printed promotional mailings for Levain’s new bakeries in Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland, which opened in 2021. Levain’s revamped e-commerce package also received a Gold Branding & Consumer Pentaward earlier. this year as part of a highly competitive program that recognizes excellence in design.

Source: RDR

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