LaDay Smith’s new book ‘Consumer Attention: The New Marketing Currency’ reveals insight into consumer psychology

In her latest book, Consumer Attention: The New Marketing Currency, author LaDay Smith communicates six issues with consumer psychology.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 10, 2022 / — In his latest book, Consumer Attention: The New Marketing Currency, author LaDay Smith shares six consumer psychology issues that every business or organization must understand to improve its marketing strategy for the desired results. Each problem is discussed in detail with real-time examples to guide the reader on how to handle them with perfection so that all marketing efforts become lucrative.

Consumer attention guides the reader to how people – individually or in groups – obtain, use, experience, discard and make decisions about services, goods or even lifestyle practices such as diet healthy and socially responsible. He insists on not being too dogmatic about the definition of consumer behavior since it is an evolving phenomenon. The book focuses on several alternatives, each taking a slightly different angle and emphasizing different aspects of human psychology.

“This is a truly informative and illuminating read where the author expertly explains how studying consumer behavior makes us better consumers as well as becoming marketers. The book revolves around the intention to get ideas across to consumers in a subtle way rather than selling something directly. Amazon Book Review

“There are many units on the market that can be assessed. The primary focus of this book is the consumer. said Smith. “However, this book also explains how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the company and those of competing companies and analyze the marketing environment to best exploit consumer behavior.”

The book shed light on how consumers feel, think, reason and choose between different alternatives (eg products, brands and retailers). When you learn the science behind how the environment influences the consumer, defining a marketing strategy and campaign becomes much easier.

The author has done an outstanding job of highlighting the limitations of consumer information or knowledge processing capabilities. It directly influences consumer decisions and marketing results. LaDay offers practical solutions to motivate consumers based on the level of interest and the importance that the product implies for the consumer.

For Consumers: The New Marketing Motto is a must-have guide for marketers, teaching them how to adapt and improve their marketing strategies and campaigns to reach the consumer more effectively.

Attention consumers: The new marketing motto is 120 pages long and is now available in print and electronic versions from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers.

About the Author

LaDay was born in Belarus but grew up in New York, USA. Her previous book, “Do It Your Way,” published in 2018, was an Amazon bestseller. He has proven his worth as an author by laying the groundwork for his principles in advertising, strategy development and communication. Consumer Attention: The New Marketing Currency is her second book.

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