Illinois Gas Stations Sue Over Pump Sticker Requirement Announcing Delayed Tax Hike | Illinois

(The Center Square) – The Illinois Fuel and Retail Association wants a Sangamon County judge to find the fuel pump sticker requirement announcing the delay of a gasoline tax increase considered a violation of the constitutional rights to freedom of expression.

The estimated tax increase of two cents per gallon is postponed from July 1 to January 1. Part of the state budget revenue package that begins July 1 is putting stickers on every pump. Otherwise, fuel retailers risk a fine of $500 per day.

IFRA President and CEO Josh Sharp said it was a forced political speech.

“We just felt like we couldn’t leave our members in this position and unfortunately we had to do exactly what we said we would do when this legislation was tabled, which took this matter to court,” Sharp told The Center Square.

IFRA is seeking a temporary restraining order as the law will soon come into effect.

“Ultimately, we hope the law will be permanently overturned, but in the meantime, we are hopefully seeking a temporary restraining order against the state from enforcing this law when it comes into effect on July 1. “Sharp said.

Part of the trial includes transcripts of state lawmakers’ proceedings.

“The intentions were clear, they didn’t try to hide it, that it was about letting voters know that the state of Illinois tried, I think a lawmaker [said] ‘do something right’, well, that’s not a valid reason to compel someone to talk,” Sharp said. “There’s no compelling reason for the State of Illinois to charge anyone $500 a day because they’re not going to put that sticker on the pump.”

The two defendants listed in the case, the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Sangamon County State’s Attorney, which represents all state attorneys, said they could not comment on the disputes. In progress.

The tax package under the budget also includes a reduction from 1% to zero percent for the state grocery tax. The measure requires grocery stores to display or print the reduced tax on their receipts, but there is no penalty as there is with the gas pump sticker requirement.

Illinois Fuel and Retail Association lawsuit over warrant pump stickers