I learned so much at Big Brother Naija House


Big Brother Naija’s Season Six Reality Show contestant Jackie Bent, known as Jackie B, revealed she learned a lot while on BBNaija’s “Shine Ya Eye” edition “which just ended.

She revealed it during an exclusive conversation with LEADERSHIP e-Train, on the sidelines of her fan-hosted “Welcome Home” press conference, “Jackie’s Jaguars”, on Friday October 15, 2021, at the Club 09, Wuse, Abuja.

“It was an amazing and new experience for me, I went there for the experience, the lessons and the opportunities that the show also offers. It was overall amazing, I learned so much, so many new skills, new experiences too.

“I have met so many amazing people with great personalities. I have made some amazing friendships and it has been a very wonderful experience, ”she said.

Jackie B further explained that apart from the chance to win the grand prize of N90million, her main focus in participating in the show was her personal development.

“I went there for my personal growth, of course the money was definitely at the top of my list, but it wasn’t focused on ‘if I don’t win it then I didn’t earn it. “. I won myself because I achieved everything I went there for, learned so much like I said earlier, and I also grew a lot personally.

“Personally I think the experience was worth it for me, winning was definitely one of the goals for me but it wasn’t the only goal so I’m not disappointed,” she added. .

Jackie B also revealed that she hopes to use the Big Brother Naija platform to grow her business and support other worthy causes around the country.

“The platform has given us a lot of visibility and I plan to use that visibility to spread my trade mark. I am an interior designer, wedding planner, event planner, and also a fashion business owner.

“So I plan to use the exhibition to grow my businesses and grow them, and also shed light on various different issues that we have in the country. I intend to shed some light on postpartum depression, which is a mental illness that most mothers experience after childbirth. i will be too
involved in charity for children and single mothers, so I can’t wait to be there, ”she added.

On her plans to venture into acting, she said, “The show exposed me to new acting skills and gave me some interest in acting. not that I’m still an actress, but I’m hoping to train further and hopefully get into the industry as an actress. So yeah, that’s something I can’t wait to do, ”a- she declared.

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