How scDataCom Won the 2022 SAMMY Award for Best Overall Integrated Marketing Program

scDataCom has seen great success with its digital marketing efforts, which it conducts in-house to avoid consultant fees and achieve maximum ROI.

Savannah, GA-based ScDataCom is proof that it doesn’t take a giant corporate marketing team to create effective outreach campaigns that connect with customers.

The small, family-run business of 25 employees has four core marketing themes that it incorporates into all of its marketing content: innovation, thought leadership, community, and craftsmanship.

The four themes represent the company’s core values ​​and mission as well as the focus areas it recognizes as being of increased importance to its current and future customers. In all of its marketing, whether through its website, social media, e-newsletters, slides, business cards, online case studies, customer testimonials and direct mail, scDataCom maintains coherence.

The company’s logo uses navy blue to invoke trust, loyalty and security, and yellow to attract intellect, enthusiasm and inspiration in its customers.

Some of the areas of focus scDataCom highlights in its award-winning marketing include how the company can help business customers with faster and better business intelligence, deliver improved emergency response in a threat environment evolving and helping employers adapt to new conditions in a post-COVID remote work environment.

One way to achieve this is through a series of webinar-style online discussions called Tech Talks, where industry-leading manufacturers discuss industry-specific issues and offer solutions.

scDataCom also uses its social media platform as a management tool by regularly introducing new employees and showing appreciation to its staff through online posts. The use of social media is also designed to remind the community that scDataCom team members are also members of the local community they serve.

The company also sends out printed letters that detail the company’s capabilities and make a more personal introduction to new staff members to customers.

“We treat every customer as if they were our neighbors and believe that knowing their needs will help us serve them better,” says Destiny Mojica-Taylor, business development strategist for the company and a prime example of the “new generation” of marketers in the industry.

“Quality, not quantity, is of paramount importance to us, and emphasizing our technicians’ attention to detail and workmanship is how we show our customers what they can expect from scDataCom.” Our team is made up of experienced salespeople, highly skilled and certified engineers, and licensed and certified technicians who take pride in their areas of expertise. Capturing real-time photos and videos of our approved leaked projects has had a positive impact on our social media and email engagement.

The success of these strategies can be seen in the analytics. In 2021, the company’s website attracted 4,505 new unique visitors, of which 492 came from customer referrals and 290 from social media. A total of 67.75% of the company’s 583 new leads came from its integrated marketing and public relations efforts.

Of those leads, 142 of them became new customers, which translated into $500,000 in new business and “millions of dollars in new opportunities,” according to Mojica-Taylor. “Notably, these efforts were conducted in-house, so the company was able to avoid consultant fees and achieve maximum ROI for our digital marketing efforts.”

The company was named the ISS Small to Medium Installer of the Year 2021 at last year’s SAMMYs.