Here’s a tactic you should use if someone asks for a price reduction

Have you heard of WIIFM?

It’s a phrase I use if someone tries to negotiate with me. It means “What’s in it for me?” If someone wants me to reduce my price or give them something extra, I always ask how I get it.

It can lead to some interesting conversations!

Many people don’t know how to respond to WIIFM

This is why you must have answers ready for them.

Here is an example. Let’s say they ask you to reduce your price. You answer WIIFM. The buyer may seem confused. So you can add, “Here are a few things that might make a price cut attractive to me.”

You might suggest:

  • Regular work
  • A longer calendar
  • A different specification
  • Your name being added to the product

Each of these things can make a big difference to you. Best of all, they often don’t cost the buyer much, so it’s easy for them to say yes.

Do you want more practical trading tactics like this?

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