From Print on Demand to Currency on Demand™ – Creator Commerce Platform Spring Launches NFT Creation Program for 8.5 Million Creators

The creation of an NFT has, to date, been inherently fragmented and complex. Mint-on-Demand™ demystifies this process as new product capability is made available to all creators on Spring. This will provide creators with the same user experience of typing an NFT that they would encounter when producing any other type of merchandise, such as a sweatshirt. In addition to seamless product integration, Mint-on-Demand™ will require no upfront cost, no need for a crypto wallet, and no unnecessary minting or gas fees.

With Mint-on-Demand™, Spring is not only interested in high-level creators, but looks beyond, to provide a vehicle for creators of all sizes (such as Moriah ElizabethThe Dungeon Trainer and Caroline Manning) to build and strengthen their growing communities by tapping into this new area of ​​fan2creator interaction with digital collectibles.

Spring Creative Director, Jared Fowlersaid: “NFTs are obviously popular within crypto-native communities and we’re seeing more and more brands and celebrities entering the space. But, when it comes to the creator economy, as it stands today ‘Today is still a world in which content creators have yet to fully understand. It was clear that we needed to craft a streamlined entry-level approach that would resonate with creators and their communities, but also makes sense to us as Spring.

“From a fan value perspective, we see tens of thousands of fans every day supporting creators by purchasing physical products and customizing their new merchandise on social media. digital collectables, and digital flex will become more of a thing in Collecting is also a key here – early adopters and super fans of a creator can show their support by collecting NFTs, with full transparency on things like ownership and provenance.

With over $2 billion spent on NFTs in the first quarter of 2021 – representing one YoY 2,100% increase compared to Q4 2020* – there is a clear demand and opportunity for creators to unlock a new wave of digital engagement. For the launch of Mint-on-Demand™, Spring has evolved its partnership with blockchain powerhouse, Bondly. Creators can now simultaneously leverage Spring’s design and authoring tools to create and Bondly’s ability to create and own the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain.

Spring CEO, Chris Lamontagnesaid: “Bondly is an extremely important partner for us in this next phase of digital evolution. This partnership goes beyond the powerful and complementary nature of their services, but is built on a foundation of shared values ​​around environmental impact and sustainability. sustainability. With Mint-on-Demand™, we only ever mint NFTs that have already been purchased, reducing waste. This is the social commerce revolution.”

The success of the platform’s social integrations has led to explosive growth for Spring, with over 8.5 million verified creators signing up to the platform to build their socially integrated e-commerce stores right from the start. January 2022. The growth of new creators exploded by 160%, alongside a 93% growth in the number of creators actively selling their products through the platform.

For the creator economy, NFTs are the next step in the macro trend of content and community building. Now, without the restrictions of borders or the need for an existing marketplace, the commerce possibilities for creators are endless.

Apply for Mint-on-Demand on the official website HERE.

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