“For Hyundai Venue marketing, we will focus on media used by Gen Z and Millennials”

South Korean car giant Hyundai launched the revamped version of Venue yesterday, following a series of TVCs teasing consumers over the past two weeks. While Venue was initially launched in India in 2019, the 2022 model is the vehicle’s facelift, promising more features.

Virat Khullar, Group Head – Marketing, Hyundai India Limited, said the 360 ​​degree marketing campaign for this new model was their biggest launch in 2022.

“It is the entry SUV among the five SUVs we have in India, with our youngest SUV buyers coming for Hyundai Venue. Due to its popularity and with a young clientele with ever-changing demands, we wanted to do a refresh,” Khullar said.

“The communication plan for this launch is to target Gen Z and Millennials, and we’re focusing very heavily on the mediums they use. While millennials, those under the age of 40, are our primary buyers, we are also targeting Gen Z, who are a large part of the influencer base of our decision-making,” Khullar said.

“Because this is the most connected SUV in the country, from an advertising point of view, we are going to focus a lot on features. The marketing plan started on June 1. We have already released seven TVC teasers which are broadcast live on TV and social platforms. Each of these seven seven TVCs focuses on a different feature of the car. The official launch advertisement will go live after the car’s launch event today. on the 16th,” Khullar said.

While Innocean Worldwide, Hyundai’s creative agency, designed and executed the TVC teasers, Havas Media is Hyundai India’s media agency. The positioning statement is to “live the alight life,” Khullar pointing out that as people go out again after two years, the brand wants to be the vehicle for both a return to normalcy and new adventures. “It’s all about the return. We see a lot of return shopping, return tourism, eating out. So I think ‘living the enlightened life’ is very appropriate for us, for the product and for our target audiences,” he said.

Since the entry-level SUV is aimed at young buyers, Hyundai will work closely with social media influencers and the campaign will be broadcast on TV channels, OTT platforms and other media. The company has also partnered with BCCI to have the vehicle present in the remaining T20 games between India and South Africa and have the ‘series man’ drive the car home after the game. final this weekend.

Interestingly, while Venue is supposed to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, Hyundai won’t stop at the Metaverse just yet, seemingly every brand’s new favorite arena. However, he will target the country’s rapidly growing cohort of gamers as part of his digital campaign.

A 3D anamorphic installation, a first for the automotive industry in the country, will go up at Cyber ​​Hub Gurugram this Sunday, showcasing the product along with visual animations and scenography.

“Car campaigns typically focus on adventure, sports and the outdoors. However, with this car and all of its connected features, we will be looking at music, games and other influencers in these new market segments,” Khullar said, adding that various elements of the campaign will roll out over the next three days, with the exterior going live on Sunday and in print on Monday.

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