Food safety specialist NCCO embraces e-commerce with Infigo to deliver on-demand food allergen labels

NCCO Food Safety and Catering Specialist, who specializes, between
other things, in the production of food safety labels has partnered with
web-to-print specialist Infigo to improve the service it offers to its

In response to growing customer demand for an e-commerce print solution,
By partnering with Infigo, NCCO will be able to reduce production time
on print jobs from weeks to minutes, allowing customers to easily create,
edit and order food allergen labels on demand.

“In the past, the process of ordering custom labels and stickers has
involved many round trips between customers, sales representatives, creative
teams and printers,” explains Robert Bagley, e-Commerce Sales &
Head of Development at NCCO.

“But this process can take weeks and involves too many moving parts.
Now, even when the office is closed, our website is open.”

Following the integration of the Infigo platform, NCCO customers now have
access to a flexible label creator where they can create and order
labels in minutes. In addition to offering a unique user experience for
customers, NCCO said they are excited that they can now take orders
at any time of day or night.

“If you can’t offer customers the kind of seamless, personalized shopping
the experience they’re used to with Amazon (or any other
retailer), you will lose a competitive advantage and possibly
customers,” adds Bagley.

“That’s why we turned to Infigo. We knew they could help us design a
online label maker that gave our customers the ability to create
and order custom labels in minutes.

In addition to being better positioned to meet the needs of its existing customers,
Bagley believes an e-commerce solution will also give NCCO a competitive position

“Unlike many of our competitors, we now have a label builder that gives
our customers the opportunity to design their own labels online. Downloading a
pre-engineered design is no longer your only option. We watched a lot
platforms to create a website, but we chose Infigo for several keys
the reasons.

“Infigo offers a ready-to-use label design and ordering system
get out of the box. The platform created by Infigo allows us to
help our customers immediately, but it also gives us the opportunity to grow and
expand the types of custom labels we offer. We can now diversify beyond
custom labels and stickers if we decide to go that direction.”

Infigo CEO Douglas Gibson adds:

“We truly believe in working in partnership with our users. Every print
the business is different – a label provider will use the platform
differently from a large format printer. It’s our job to ask a lot of
questions so that we can ensure that when our technology is deployed, each
the user gets maximum return on investment.

“NCCO realized the time wasted responding to multiple emails or
make round-trip calls. Our e-commerce solution allows users to
brand their own site and create a unique and simple ordering experience.
Customers can now design and order their labels, with minimal human resources
involvement or loss of production quality.

“We look forward to seeing what the future holds for NCCO and how they can
scaled with Infigo.”