Fast-paced commerce startup Gorillas “needs a reality check” – Retail Technology Innovation Hub

In a LinkedIn post, he said, “From the CEO’s visionary/hyperbolic statements to this new ad. They live in their own hype right now.

“This ad is too niche a group of people based on a false belief about the industry. It’s a waste of talent, resources and money.

He added, “The reality bubble that created this ad looks like this: young people want everything on demand and fast; If we market to young people in a fun/wacky/cheeky tone of voice, we will stand out from the competition; Advertising agencies will not dispute this view because that is also what London advertising agencies want to believe.

The real reality, according to Craske, is that fast-delivery groceries have been particularly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic as an alternative to supermarkets and online pure players struggling with demand.

Craske wrote, “The biggest shift to online grocery shopping is when you become a parent and in-store shopping becomes hard work and you don’t have time. RGD gamers miss this and are rather obsessed with young audiences (this commercial says it so clearly).

He continued, “Nobody knows if speed and on-demand groceries are what most people want because these services have been artificially driven by heavy coupons and discounts and a huge amount of print advertising. I suspect most people actually want convenience, not super-fast.

The aforementioned ad target market is so small compared to the potential audience of a service like Gorillas that ad creation and ad spend fails to maximize the available opportunity.

Craske concluded, “Given the valuation of Gorillas, it must target anyone who buys groceries or affluent city dwellers who buy groceries. This ad is not doing very well.

The gorillas did not respond to our request for comment.