Don’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket, social media is not the only answer

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes market their products and services to potential customers.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have made it easy to target specific audiences with your own ads, even on the smallest of budgets.

Businesses can drive hundreds or even thousands of people to their website, increase email signups, or simply get the word out about their business.

So it’s no surprise that many businesses, especially SMBs, have focused their entire marketing budget on social media alone and may have been lulled into a false sense of security that social media is the only place they need to advertise.

The Power of Multiple Touchpoints

Take a moment to think about how you get to know a business. They can be local, national or international, but can you think of a time when you only ever saw them in one place and decided to become one of their customers right away?

OK, this may happen from time to time, but it will be rare and it may be because this company is selling the exact product or service you were looking for.

Typically, and not necessarily in that order, you’ll see a social media ad or message, they might be in the news, a friend might mention them, you might hear an ad on TV or radio, you might see a advertisement on a news website, and you might see a flyer or poster about them.

Some of it will be subconscious, but each sighting will linger in the back of your mind until it becomes more and more familiar.

These moments are called touchpoints and they are critical to marketing a business.

With the invention of the internet and social media, the rules on touchpoints have changed and businesses have to adapt. Otherwise, at best they will waste their marketing dollars, at worst they will fail.

With the noise bombarding consumers from every angle, companies must now try to create up to seven touchpoints to encourage someone to part with their money.

In-store retail
Bedford businesses need to make the most of the marketing opportunities available to them.

Modern Touchpoints

Online press article Online news ad banner
Display Booth or display at an event
Organic social media post Advertisement signage
Google ad Distribution of leaflets
Advertising in printed newspapers TV advertising
Advertising on social networks radio advertising
Email subscription

So which are the best for you and your budget?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different and budgets vary in size, so you may not be able to afford everything on offer. They will need to consider two main factors.


On the one hand, things like organic social media posts and editorials via PR in your local media will be inexpensive, but it depends on people stumbling across the content or an editor deciding whether your business is worth writing.

At the other end, television, radio, leafleting and expensive billboards will only be available to those with larger budgets and a scattergun approach, hitting large groups of people without no way to know who saw your ad.

In the middle is a potential sweet spot. Cost-effective touchpoints for almost any size business with trackable results so businesses know who has seen their ad and engaged with it.

Dear Midrange Cheap
TV advertising News website banner ads Online newspaper article
Regional radio Advertising on social networks Organic social media posts
Advertisement signage Google Ads Display
Distribution of leaflets Booth or display at events Email subscription
(the cost will increase the
more subscribers than you have)
Advertising in printed newspapers local radio


Many touchpoints, especially the more expensive ones, won’t give you a real option of how many people saw your ad and if it even resonated with the people you’re trying to reach.

Touchpoints like billboards or print ads give you numbers based on equations that have no basis in fact.

They might be able to tell you how many people drive or pass a billboard, how many copies of their newspaper they put out, or how many doors a flyer has been pushed through, but they can never tell you how many people have actually seen.

Digital forms of advertising have empowered business owners as they can now see exactly how well their budget is working for them.

Traceable Not traceable
News Website Banner Ad (Mid-Range) Television advertising (expensive)
Social media advertising (mid-range) Regional radio (expensive)
Google ad (mid-range) Billboards (expensive)
Present or display at an event (mid-range) Distribution of flyers (expensive)
Organic social media posting (cheap) Advertising in printed newspapers (expensive)
Email subscription (cheap) Local radio (mid-range)
Online newspaper article
(publishers don’t tend to
reveal an individual item
figures) (cheap)
Showcase (cheap)

Traceable touchpoints are key

Banner advertising in the Bedford Independent works hard for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

It’s clear from looking at the information above that the best touchpoints are the six that can be tracked. They suit almost any budget and are trackable, allowing businesses to constantly adjust and refocus their marketing for the best return.

Businesses, however, should not believe that they can get away with just using one of these touchpoints in isolation. Businesses need to spread their marketing dollars over as many people as possible if they want to turn someone into a customer.

The beauty of mid-range touchpoints is that almost all of them are digital. This means that they can usually be changed or modified at any time.

Businesses can also test different versions of ads at no additional cost, place different links behind each ad, and use the same ad in multiple places. The overall cost is usually flexible too.

That’s not to say other touchpoints should be ignored, but if a business is on a budget, it makes perfect sense to spend their money where they can fully see the results and also have better control over the operation of its advertisements. .

We’ll take a closer look at the six traceable touchpoints in later articles. In the meantime, if you want to know more now, the Bedford Independent advertising team are on hand to answer any questions you have.

They can also help set up a profitable advertising campaign that can reach up to 160,000 people and complement modern advertising touchpoints.

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