Derry’s Craft Village is the city’s hidden gem, home to an array of local businesses


Take a peek inside the hidden gem of Derry, the Craft Village that’s home to many businesses.

Derry’s Craft Village recently received a Covid-19 recovery grant after a joint application was filed by businesses in the area.

The Craft Village is an integral part of the town’s local businesses and has grown into a bustling hub over the years, attracting 70,000 visitors each year.

UV Art’s installation of the Factory Girls mural, along with the multiple cafes and restaurants in the small area that expand to include outdoor seating, means the Craft Village has seen more people than ever before.

Here is a quick overview of some of the shops and services contained in the town’s craft village:

Ivy Gate from the entrance to Shipquay St at the Craft Village, Derry

From the entrance on Shipquay St. is Ivy Gate Coffee, a welcoming local setting. Its flowery bow instantly makes it stand out.

Customers can sit inside or outside with their homemade treats and can enjoy the ambience of the surrounding shops.

Craft and design number 19 in the Craft Village of Derry

No.19 Craft & Design is perfect for those looking for an unusual gift, a souvenir from Derry or something to stand out in their home.

Home to a collective of artists and designers from the Northwest, No.19 is proud to sell contemporary crafts and handcrafted gifts.

HAN * clothing in the heart of the artisan village of Derry

A remarkable local clothing company, HAN * offers unique and comfortable clothing that stands out from the street retailers.

HAN * beanies, available in a multitude of different colors, are often considered a uniform of the natives of Derry. The streets of Derry fill with HAN * heads during the fall and winter months.

Sass & Halo in the heart of the Craft Village of Derry

Sass & Halo makes unique and beautiful wedding wreaths and flowers, designed and handcrafted in a workshop in the middle of the craft village.

Custom items can be made for special occasions and many brides have chosen Sass & Halo crowns to add something unique to their big day.

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The Cottage Craft Gallery and Coffee Shop Photo by Justin Kernoghan / Belfast Live Derry / Londonderry.

The Cottage Craft Gallery & Coffee Shop connects the Craft Village perfectly, with its classic thatched roof and outdoor seating it invites you to explore the rest of the area.

Here you can enjoy freshly baked goods, hot options (vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available) and browse a selection of local, handmade produce.

Cowley Gallery in the Craft Village of Derry

This contemporary art gallery strives to offer art buyers quality and variety in a welcoming space.

It has built a reputation for exhibiting quality Irish art and ceramics in the city over the past few years and is a showcase for outstanding local artists.

Soda & Starch Outdoor Seating in Derry Craft Village

Soda & Starch offers quality cuisine and a warm atmosphere to its customers in the heart of the artisan village.

With its sheltered seating area, once the Covid restrictions are completely lifted, people can choose to sit inside or outside, taking advantage of the space that the Craft Village has to offer.

Foyle Books inside Derry Craft Village

One of Derry’s best-known hidden gems, customers could spend the whole day marveling at the books of this local business.

A favorite among readers, Foyle Books has something that will spark the interest of anyone who walks through its door.

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