Coors Light turns cans into ‘thirst traps’ for mosquitoes

Diving brief:

  • Coors Light, owned by Molson Coors, wants consumers to relax this summer without bugs with a new “Thirst Trap” mosquito trap, according to a press release.
  • The limited-edition 3D-printed funnel is meant to attach to a 12-ounce can of Coors Light, with the smell of beer attracting mosquitoes to the dregs of the drinker, according to a blog post. There they fit into the box and stay put, allowing the consumer to enjoy mosquito-free bliss.
  • The Thirst Trap is Molson Coors’ latest novelty product, including Miller Lite Flavor Drops and Coors Light flavored lollipops. It also comes as Coors Light seeks to position itself as a brand for environmentally conscious consumers.

Overview of the dive:

Coors Light wants consumers to be able to enjoy beer with peace of mind with a new device to keep mosquitoes away from humans and beer. The product not only follows several product initiatives aimed at hitting the fun bones of consumers, but also lends itself to the evolution of brands’ “Made to Chill” message.

The “Thirst Trap” (which sold out as soon as it was released) was selling for $5. The name of the invention is meant to be laughed at, as “thirst traps” usually refer to photos intended to highlight the subject’s appearance. Many of Coors Light’s inventions were inspired by puns, including the “Chillollipop”, which was handed out in bars to calm tense March Madness fans.

“Officially humans love Coors Light, unofficially so do mosquitoes. So we direct the mosquitoes directly to the source: the leftovers of your delicious beer. By doing so, we’re reclaiming outdoor spaces during the best parts of summer,” Lindsey Wesloski, marketing manager for Coors Light, said in the blog post.

The brewer recently unveiled “The Coors Light,” featuring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes, who can’t participate in a Coors Light beer commercial due to NFL agreements with rival Anheuser-Busch, is instead promoting a flashlight that looks like a beverage can. The humorous ad, which reads like a typical beer ad, created substantial buzz, with the flashlight selling out quickly.

The brand has always tried to encourage spontaneity, declaring itself the “official beer of all things unofficial”. In recent months, the brewer, which recently suffered an increase in its marketing budget, has taken steps to reconcile its laid-back attitude with a renewed focus on the environment by evolving its “Made to Chill” message. Such initiatives include a greater emphasis on the outdoors and environmentalism. Other environmental initiatives include phasing out plastic rings and installing chilled rooftop billboards in Miami. Although not strictly environmental, the “thirst trap” encourages consumers to spend time outdoors.