Cashel Chamber of Commerce President writes to AIB CEO over ‘adverse decision’ to remove ATM

Cashel Chamber of Commerce Chairman Martin Lynch has written to the CEO of Allied Irish Banks (AIB) regarding the removal of ATM and financial services from its Main Street branch.

“Thank you to everyone who has contacted me since the news broke regarding AIB’s intentions for the Cashel branch,” Mr. Lynch said.

“As everyone is now aware, from October 21, 2022, the AIB branch in Cashel will no longer offer general cash banking services over the counter or through machines inside the branch.

“This basically means that the Bank will no longer have or accept any more notes, coins, cheques, currencies or bank drafts. They will also remove all Drop Safe and Night Safe facilities used by businesses.

“The ATM outside the bank will also be removed, which I believe will have a detrimental effect on our city. Although the local post office is available to you, I believe this is not a solution to your business banking needs. From 21 October we will become a city without Highstreet Bank, following the closure of Bank of Ireland last year.

“I was on RTE Radio 1 Drivetime and I was also on TippFM and Tipp Mid-West Radio this morning, and our statement was also published in the local print media. I hope my comments will echo your sentiments. Hopefully we can take this nationally over the next few days.

Mr. Lynch’s letter to AIB’s CEO, Colin Hunt, states: ‘I am writing in relation to the Tuesday July 19 announcement that AIB will convert its Cashel branch to a cashless outlet. Our members reacted furiously to news that the services currently provided by AIB to business clients, members of the public and tourists in Cashel will change significantly from 21st October 2022.

“I believe this decision goes against the corporate statement of the AIB Group and I quote your website; “AIB’s aim is to be at the heart of the financial lives of our personal customers while delivering an exceptional customer experience.” AIB should at a minimum have engaged with its loyal business customer before making such a decision, which will negatively impact its ability to trade and market banks in Cashel.

“I request on behalf of the Cashel Chamber of Commerce members to meet with us and provide the data analysis and business plan used to make such a decision. As a Chamber, we sincerely believe that if the AIB does not reconsider this unfavorable decision, it will have a devastating impact on businesses.

“Largely because of the removal of basic banking services and ATMs for residents of Cashel. I would also like to bring to your attention our online petition which received more than 540 signatures in just 24 hours See: I look forward to your response regarding our meeting request as soon as possible.

Mr. Lynch also urged everyone to write personally to Mr. Colin Hunt expressing your personal sentiment on the decision to make Cashel a cashless bank. “AIB’s CEO and AIB’s Board of Directors need to know that we will not accept this decision.”

Mr. Hunt’s details are as follows,

Mr. Colin Hunt

CEO Allied Irish Bank

10 Molesworth Street,

Dublin 2.

D02 W260

“I’m not one to protest, but it’s something we may have to consider,” Lynch added. “I’m open to all suggestions and please contact me if a protest is something you want to do.”