BSP Legal Marketing discusses the role of search engine optimization in legal marketing

Legal marketing firm BSP Legal Marketing publishes a new article ( explaining the importance of SEO in Law Firm Marketing. The firm’s founder and owner, Viktoria Altman, says competition among lawyers across the country can be intense. Expanding a lawyer’s practice means that he must give more visibility to his law firm.

According to the owner of BSP Legal Marketing, “The days when lawyers could rely on paid advertisements in print media are over. Even television advertising is hit or miss, with networks no longer having the large audiences they once had. You know. You know that the power of your company’s advertising exposure currently rests on your Internet real estate. But you may have no idea how it works or even how strategic internet marketing drives your rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a highly technical digital method that allows search engines to locate a business. This helps increase the quantity and quality of your internet exposure. By quantity, this means that traffic to your law firm’s website is fundamental, and having good SEO marketing can add traffic to your site. Good SEO will also help ensure that you are getting real conversions to your website, not just traffic.

Most lawyers understand paid advertising. Before the rise of Internet marketing, paid advertisements helped customers find customers. Paid advertising and law firm SEO is a great way to make marketing efforts work toward both long-term and short-term goals.

Ms. Altman adds, “Internet marketing isn’t immediate, but it’s worth the effort. Just as a case takes time to investigate and fully develop, so does digital marketing. While a television commercial may achieve limited immediate results, Internet marketing is a long-term commitment. It’s planting a seed and nurturing it, watching it grow, giving it the right nutrients and removing the weeds. The right internet marketing today will potentially boost your law firm’s business for the next decade.

BSP Legal Marketing has a team of professionals who may be able to help a client build their law firm’s online presence. Seeking the help of an experienced legal marketing firm is essential no matter if a lawyer is just starting out.

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