Bridge Publications Commercial Spring Cleaning

FINISH: Volunteers and local businesses contributed to a commerce cleanup effort, including 4Earth Farms, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and The Tree People. Vice Mayor of Commerce. Hugo Argumedo joined the initiative, together with the Maravilla Foundation.

July 13, 2022

HMG-CN Staff Report

Bridge Publications Spring Cleanup brought the community together for an afternoon dedicated to environmental protection.

Bridge Publications, the all-digital in-house printing company and publisher of L. Ron Hubbard’s non-fiction works, organized and conducted a cleanup with other members of the trade community.

The vice-mayor of the city of commerce, Mr. Hugo Argumedo, joined the initiative, not only by coordinating supplies for the cleaning and a dumpster of the city, but also by volunteering to help to clean the streets.

The Maravilla Foundation brought a force of volunteers who lent their muscles and trucks and worked energetically alongside Bridge Publications and other volunteers, shoveling, picking up and hauling trash.

Vice Mayor for Commerce Hugo Argumedo with a volunteer during the cleanup.

Other local businesses and organizations contributed to the effort with supplies and volunteers. Among them were 4Earth Farms, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and The Tree People.

The volunteers advanced as a single team, covering an entire city block, while an East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicle escorted the team, providing security and support.

Overall, the team collected and properly disposed of 81 fifty-five gallon bags of trash, 3 TV frames, 7 tires, 2 shopping carts, 1 couch, shelves, bed frames and a canoe.

Bridge Publications recognizes everyone involved in trade beautification work.

CANOE? Some of the litter collected included 2 shopping carts, 1 sofa, shelves, bed frames…… and a canoe.